Christmas Eve 2018

[Photos from 24 December 2018, posted online 23 June 2019. The still no rain for realz since early May. Also, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite came out today.]

Yule-day came and went pretty much as expected. We had my mom and one brother over for dinner, Finnur was master chef as usual, the kids managed to not go quite crazy, and I think I didn’t land my self in a need-to-finish-at-the-last-minute job like the last two previous times. All in all, a highly lovely yule!

Kids by the tree and the usual avalanche of presents.
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Gingerbread Houses – 2018 Edition

[Photos taken on 23 December 2018, posted online on 22 June 2019. Such a contrast between these images taken in the rampant darkness, and the never-ending cloudless brightness at this time of year!]

I’ve mostly given up on the Instagrammable house-life (there seems to be a Conservation Law of Disarray at work in our house), but I do hang on to making a gingerbread house from scratch for yule. The kids also make sure to remind me, still remembering the horror of the no-gingerbread house yule a few years ago.

It’s almost a custom by now that we rope Holla and Óli into the ginger bread madness, and this year was no exception! (30-ish images total)

Our finished house, modeled on house #2.
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Triple Birthday Party

[Photos from 20-22 December 2018, posted online on 13 June 2019. It’s been crazy sunny lately, and not a drop of rain for 3 weeks. Weird.]

Like in previous years, we held a joint birthday party for the three cousins, Anna, Ylfa, and Iðunn. It was just a quiet family affair, as the big event of Christmas was looming right around the corner.

The following days were the calm before Yule-day. Sort of… (25-ish images total)

Thursday 20 December 2018

Anna’s cake, that she made from scratch, with zero help from the adults!
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Annual Photo Shoot – December 2018 Edition

[Photos from 16 December 2018, posted online 09 June 2019. We’re having such a fantastic summer that it’s getting eerie.]

This year’s annual photo session of the kiddos went surprisingly smoothly. Maybe it helped that they got a lot of warning, I got lucky that the set-up worked fairly well from the get-go, but they at least managed to play along for about 10 whole minutes, which was all that I needed. (20-ish photos total)

This year’s sibling photo.
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Room Redecorating & Solo Parenting in December 2018

[Photos taken on 01 – 15 December 2018, posted online on 02 June 2019. We’ve had two weeks straight of gorgeous weather, and it’s not even been that cold. The north of the country is still freezing though. Quite unusual.]

Enter December, the month whose only saving grace is that the sun begins being visible for slightly longer each day towards its end, oh, and fireworks!

Anna kept pushing for a new bed, so we used the opportunity while Finnur briefly touched down between work-trips to perform the big bed-switch-a-roo between Anna’s and Emma’s rooms.

Myself and Anna found ourselves repeatedly resting at a cafe while Bjarki did gymnastics, Finnur departed for a 2-week-long stint in California, yule-lights were bought and installed on multiple fronts, food of varying quality got eaten, I went to see a Baggalútur-show, we all went to see a movie, Bjarki had his yule-tide recital, work was busy, and my brother Bjarni competed in body-building! (50-ish images total)

Saturday 01 December 2018

The big bed switch-a-roo was this day’s big project. At the end, Anna’s bed had been successfully transferred to Emma’s bedroom, and a new clothing storage had been acquired!
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November 2018 – The End

[Photos taken 19 – 30 November 2018, posted online 18 May 2019. Trees are getting noticeably green. Yay for spring! ]

Finnur was gone on a weeklong trip to the UK to work in London + go see a football game in Liverpoool, so I was in charge of dinner, which is usually Finnur’s domain. Enter going out to dinner a lot!

Also, the following occurred in the span of 12 days: Bjarki visited my workplace, bikes tires got switched to studded, bedroom rearrangement plans were made, a new bed was scouted, I attended a funeral, Emma showed off gymnastics skills, there was ice skating, Finnur attended a football game and got a prized selfie, yule-tide outside-lights were scouted,

Finnur arrived home, we went out to dinner (a lot), work happened, and I shot skeets for the first time (3 out of 5 hits!) as well as participated in a murder-mystery role-playing game with my coworkers. Yup, two things struck off the bucket list in one day!

I’ve come to the conclusion that the entirety of November 2018 was nuts! (50-ish images)

Monday 19 November 2018

The first of the avoiding-to-cook nights. Greasy burgers for all! My smile is fittingly maniacal.
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November 2018 – Busy Middle

[Photos from 11 – 18 November 2018, posted online 16 May 2019. If I can keep focus.]

As I look back on it, these 8 days of November were kind of crazy busy.

We went to the theater, went ice-skating, homework was a thing, teeth got adjusted, a sewing club was hosted, my dad & Co came for dinner, I lifted, Bjarki competed (and won!) in gymnastics, Finnur took off for the UK (with dad & Co), and I assembled Ikea furniture for my brother & Co. Yikes! (28 images total)

Sunday 11 November 2018

We had a fairly busy Sunday. The employee association at my workplace sold discounted tickets to Ronja the Robber’s Daughter, and all of us went.
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The First Snow, BBQ Fire, People Meetings & Pokemon

[Photos taken 03 – 10 November 2018, posted online 13 May 2019. Maybe.]

November feels like it happened a lifetime ago. But still, photos got taken.

We kept playing Pokemon Go to remember to get out of the house, we both had and met friends for dinner (BBQ drama!), grandparents were visited, the first real snow fell from the sky, gymnastics got practiced, and at least one cafe got visted. (35-ish photos total)

Saturday 03 November 2018

The view on a chilly Pokemon Go excursion.
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Autumn Colors, Playing, & Halloween

[Photos taken on 14 – 31 October 2018, posted online 25 26 April 2019. Yesterday was Today is a public holiday as it’s the First Day of Summer.]

The latter half of October whizzed by, much like time in general these days.

I took photos of the autumn colors, the kids played, the bikes got studded tires in preparation for winter, Pokemon Go got played, the burnt building by work finally got some attention, I attended a women’s-protest downtown, we had waffles with Finnur’s family, visited house #2 with friends, and both kids attended Halloween parties!

Whew!! (65-ish images)

Sunday 14 October 2018

Autumn colors in our back yard, via the 100 mm macro lens.
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Random Happenings of Early October 2018

[Photos taken 01 – 13 October 2018, posted online 16 April 2019. It’s super windy outside!]

We mostly took it easy as October got off the ground, but did manage to go out to dinner with friends (using almost expired gift-cards!), to visit house #2, keep the kids alive and mostly happy, and go to the gym a bit. (40-ish images)

Monday 01 October 2018

View out of the window by the coffee corner at work. Very autumny out there.
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